About Us

About company

The owner Michael Durant started on a career path as a Navy veteran, too which he DSC01594proceeded to earn his BA degree in Information Technology (Security). While earning his degree and working full time for the local government agency, he also worked multiple years cleaning for government and residential customers. The decision to start his own company was always a dream that was bound to occur at some point in time.

Why Choose Us?


Quality Service

We focus on the quality of our service first. Before any other decision, MRD Cleaning Solutions will make sure we can to the job right the first time.


Great Customer Service

Customer service is a highly important part of every small business. Through proper training, our service technicians provide an accurate and best of knowledge to all customers questions, ensuring the best results on the job. We aim to satisfy all questions and concerns in a timely and most convenient manner.


Acute Attention to Detail

Our technicians aim to do the job right and right the first time. Ensuring to following all the work details to make sure the work we perform is done, down to the last detail.

Our Mission

MRD Cleaning Solutions delivers the quality of work that should be expected from a company that you hire. The focus of ensuring that the company is certified and qualified is the highest priority.